Oracle Database is an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) produced by Oracle Corporation. It is one of the world’s most popular database management systems (DBMSs).

Oracle Database is often shortened to “Oracle” and sometimes “Oracle DB” or “Oracle RDBMS” (although it’s not the only product from Oracle Corporation).

Oracle Database runs on most major platforms, including Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac OS.

Oracle Editions

Oracle Database 12c is available in two editions:

  • Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition 2
  • Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition

Both editions of Oracle Database 12c are built using the same code base and include a common set of application development tools and programming interfaces. The Enterprise Edition however, supports the addition of a number of advanced options.

Oracle Database is also available in:

  • Oracle Database Express Edition (Oracle Database XE). Free, entry-level edition of Oracle Database 11g Release 2. Available for Windows and Linux platforms limited to using only one CPU, up to 1 GB of RAM and storing up to 11 GB of user data.
  • Oracle Database Personal Edition. A single-user, single-machine development and deployment license, allows use of all database features and extra-cost database options (with the exception of the Oracle RAC option). It is available for purchase for Windows and Linux platforms only and does not include management packs.

Advanced Options

There are a number of options that are only available in the Enterprise Edition. These include:

  • Oracle Active Data Guard
  • Oracle Advanced Analytics
  • Oracle Advanced Compression
  • Oracle Advanced Security
  • Oracle Database In-Memory
  • Oracle Database Vault
  • Oracle TimesTen Application-Tier Database Cache
  • Oracle Label Security
  • Oracle Multitenant
  • Oracle On-line Analytical Processing
  • Oracle Partitioning
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters
  • Oracle RAC One Node
  • Oracle Real Application Testing
  • Oracle Spatial and Graph

Oracle Data Models

Oracle also provides a range of standards-based, pre-built data warehouse database schemas with associated analytic models and dashboards for specific industries.

The following schemas are available in Oracle Database:

  • Airline Data Model
  • Communications Data Model
  • Retail Data Model
  • Utilities Data Model

Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM or EM) is a set of web-based tools that allows you to manage Oracle Database.

OEM enables centralised monitoring, administration, and life cycle management for the complete Oracle infrastructure, including systems running Oracle and non-Oracle technologies.

OEM includes three releases:

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control. For managing Oracle databases.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Server Control. Web based tool for managing the Oracle Application Server.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control. For managing lots of databases and application servers in a grid solution.

Is it “Oracle Database” or just “Oracle”?

Oracle Database is often shortened to “Oracle” and sometimes “Oracle RDBMS” or “Oracle DB”.

However, this is potentially confusing depending on the context it is being used. Oracle Corporation is also often shortened to just “Oracle”.

Also, Oracle Database is not the only database solution that Oracle Corporation provides. Oracle Corporation also produces MySQL and Oracle NoSQL Database, as well as various other database products, including data warehousing and big data solutions.

So, actual usage should depend on the context. As long as everyone understands what exactly is meant by “Oracle” then there shouldn’t be any confusion.