Microsoft Access Tutorial (Part 3): Queries, Forms, & Macros

This article is Part 3 of the Microsoft Access tutorial.

Here’s what’s included in this article:

  • Create a query (so you can “search the database”).
  • Create a form for data entry.
  • Create a macro (so that a multi-step task can be done automatically – at the click of a button).

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How to Add a Macro Button to a Form in Access

To add a macro to a form in Access 2013 or 2016:

  1. Create a macro
  2. Now, open the form in Design view
  3. Click the Button icon in the Ribbon (from the DESIGN tab)
  4. In the Form Detail area, click and drag the cursor so that it forms a square or rectangle (i.e. shape of a button). The Command Button Wizard will pop up. Select Miscellaneous > Run Macro and click Next
  5. Select the name of the macro you want to run and click Next
  6. Choose whether to display text or an image on the button and click Next
  7. Give the button a name and click Finish

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